Weekly Round Up: The Thanksgiving Edition


I missed last week’s round-up because I was travelling for work. I hate missing out on reading and curating your blogs, so it’s good to be back in the saddle again.   

I’ve always loved the idea of Thanksgiving and celebrating it in the US one year with friends is definitely on my bucket list. However I can also imagine that for some people a day of gratitude and thankfulness might be a step too far when you aren’t feeling a whole lot grateful. While Caroline and Nancy write about the challenges of life which don’t just disappear because it’s the holiday season, Steve and Britt share some tips for holiday harmony, and Carrie shares her own personal gratitude list.

A birthday shout-out to Elizabeth who celebrated her birthday on Thanskgiving – a double celebration – and to Lisa Thompson  who also celebrated her birthday recently.

Liz has gone bra shopping after her mastectomy.

A warm welcome back to the blogosphere to Helen this week.

Kudos to Audrey who is continuing to keep up with WEGO Health’s month long #HAWMC challenge ( I fell by the wayside). Loved her post on the “cancer’s a gift” cliche.

Jo posts about her attendance last month at ESMO (European Society Medical Oncology) Conference and Terri fills us in on her experience as a first-time attendee at #PSTM16 (Plastic Surgery The Meeting).

How do you support a friend through breast cancer? Nic shares some tips on her latest blog.

JoAnn shares some lovely memories of her first car as she welcomes her new car and freedom into her life again.

A good self-care reminder from Uzma on the need to conserve our emotional energy.

Finally this week, congratulations to Mandi on receiving a very special, well-deserved award.


Until next week,

Yours with love

Marie xxx