Day 5 #HAWMC


Another quick and easy prompt today!

Twitter wins hands down for me. It is my go-to social networking platform, and since joining it in 2008, my love affair with Twitter has grown alongside my list of friends from all over the world. I use it to find the latest research and to connect with global advocates around the world.

One of the best things about Twitter are the tweet chats such as #BCSM. I also love the fact that you get a mix of  people joining the healthcare conversations.  The role Twitter plays in breaking down patient/provider barriers, disseminating and expanding the reach of healthcare information, widening social networks and co-creating a collaborative model of shared health information is for me one of the most exciting developments in social media.  In this way we can learn from and with each other best.

I love this exchange between tweet chat regulars Dr Matthew Katz and Elin Sliveous on Twitter. I use a screen-shot of this when I give talks encouraging more health professionals to engage with patients on social media.


What’s your favorite social networking site? Are you a Twitterholic like me?