Healing and Cancer


healing and cnacer podcast

Today I found myself being interviewed by Rob Rutledge, MD, a radiation oncologist, who is passionate about empowering people affected by a cancer diagnosis. He is co-founder of the Healing and Cancer Foundation which offers cancer retreats in Canada. I spoke about my breast cancer experience and of course my two favorite topics – the power of social media to connect us and the power of our stories to heal our wounded places.

Thanks to good old reliable unreliable chemo brain I couldn’t remember the names of many of the people I wanted to quote, or indeed the correct wording of some quotes.  It still frustrates me to find those words on the tip of my tongue, but lost in a fog of cognitive impairment. Rob was a gracious host who put me at ease, so I don’t feel quite as bad as I might have done about my lost words. Here’s one of the quotes I wanted to use, but which alas eluded me.

pablo (34)

It sums up so much of what I was trying to say about speaking our truth. I’ve been bruised and misunderstood over the years, but I am becoming ever more convinced by the teaching of Brene Brown that when we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending.