Weekly Round Up

I was speaking at a conference in the UK last week and grabbed the opportunity to meet with Jo from ABC Diagnosis  at the airport when I arrived. It was wonderful to finally meet in person and discover she is just as warm and friendly “in real life”. We had a great catch-up together.

with jo

At the conference I shared one of my favourite quotes from Susan Sontag.
susan sontag pic

It was a busy week and as always I seem to have depleted every last bit of energy I had stored up. So it’s time to rest, reflect, and build up my energy again. And while I am doing that (typing this from my bed) I am looking forward to catching up with what’s been happening in your world over the past week.

Congratulations to Susan Rosen,  LuluMary,  SusanaCaroline, AnnaLori,  Mandi,  Ann, Sherri, Jill, Vickie Lisa,  TammyJen and Susandeservedly chosen as Healthline’s Best Metastatic Breast Cancer Blogs of 2015.

The Cancer Curmudgeon is taking issue with “the dominant, persistent, same story-different day narrative of cancer” which is perpetuated both by the media and well-known charities.

Penny shares her experience of dating after breast cancer.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in the UK and Ireland – Yvonne Watterson marks the occasion with a beautifully evocative post while Detrice reflects on the nature of motherhood – her own, and her mother’s and mother-in-law’s.

Dawn celebrates two ordinary but very special words.

Felicity pays tribute to her husband for all the support he has shown her over the past 15 months of breast cancer.

Terri provides a recap of a recent #BCSM tweet chat on breast reconstruction and the value of social media.

Deanna has returned to work after breast cancer treatment and is looking forward to a return to normality.

Brilliant post by Rebecca on lessons learned from an elevator experience.

Sending a warm welcome back to Emily to the blogosphere this week and happy birthday wishes too.

Carrie shares her story of how lymphedema has impacted her life.

How do you feel when you see bald photos of yourself? Becky explores her changing thoughts on this in her latest post.

Excellent post on clinical trials by Lori.

The Seasoned Sistah continues to share her mindful living journey with us.

Lulu is calling out “bullshit science” on a recent study Physical Activity Intervention in Women With Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Both Nancy and Beth shares their respective experience with Aromatase Inhibitors.

Lisa reviews a book with the arresting title “The Death of Cancer”.

Movingly reflective post on 2,000 days of Katy Did Cancer.

Amy shares the latest news on hereditary cancer.

Jamie‘s latest post is about running, and the realities of being a mom with cancer, inspired by the Melissa Etheridge song, I Run for Life.

Margaret continues to offer practical tips on dealing with osteoporosis.

Kathi has reviewed Nancy’s breast cancer memoir.

Superb post by Eileen on dealing with forgiveness, resentment and how to answer those “well-meaning” cancer well-wishers.  As a companion piece read Ann on how not to visit a sick friend and Uzma on the reaction to her latest medical news.

Tracy has chosen seven words to describe her cancer experience.

How do you feel each time you hear of yet another cancer breakthrough announcement? Caroline writes about her own feelings on this topic.

Finally this week, just reading Elizabeth‘s description of the mindfulness exercise of the Mountain Meditation made me feel instantly calm.

Until next week,

Wishing you a mindful, calm, and relaxing week ahead.

Yours with love

Marie xxx