How To Cope With Cancer Related Fatigue

I’m a big fan of Doc Mike Evans engaging videos. Here’s one I came across today on cancer-related fatigue, which is very common during and after treatment.  

Many people think that fatigue is something you only experience during treatment. In fact, many of us experience fatigue months or even years after completing active treatment. Unlike normal tiredness, cancer related fatigue does not always go away with rest and sleep.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, taking exercise can reduce cancer-related fatigue and improve quality of life. Dr Evans also advises visualizing your energy levels as a bank account and looking at the things in your life that draw on that account. Ask yourself what in your life is subtracting from your energy account, and what can you do to add to it? Doc Evans offers some advice on this in the form of planning, pacing and priority-setting.

How did you cope with fatigue during and after treatment? Do you have any tips to share with readers?

Postscript: For a brilliant description of what fatigue feels like, read Eileen Rosenbloom’s ode to fatigue.