Weekly Round Up: Pinktober Continues


The picture at the top of this week’s round-up comes courtesy of Nancy’s blog, evidence of the “nonsense that goes on every October in the name of breast cancer awareness”. As Elissa writes: “I can do without the hype of Pinktober, whose at times crass commercialism manages to fetishize breast cancer (“save the tatas!”), often without a penny going toward research”.  Anne Marie Otis gets that this month is supposed to raise awareness, but ” it is simply done wrong there is no denying it. If we could all find ways to get through this month and really open the chapters to NEW discussion what a month it would be”.

Lisa suggests we “take a step back from all the craziness for a moment and take a look at where we actually are in the fight against breast cancer” and presents some sobering statistics.  Sharon also delves into the numbers, as she writes about life with secondary breast cancer, while touching on the controversial question of early detection  – a topic also taken up by Caroline and Laurie on their blogs. Dr Elaine Schattner provides the latest research on this topic and you may be surprised at the findings.

Susanne suggests that instead of buying that pink ribbon, you donate to METAvivor. A donation here goes directly into funding metastatic breast cancer research.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere…

October is also Stillbirth and Pregnancy Loss Awareness month – a subject close to my heart, so I was very moved by reading  both Ann and Justine‘s blogs this week.

Becky is dealing with lymphedema.

In a “compare and contrast” style post, Rebecca outlines what it’s like to visit her doctor both before and after a cancer diagnosis.

The Cancer Curmudgeon reflects on why a career in politics would not suit her temperament.

Reading Liz’s blog this week brought back so many memories for me of going through treatment.. except, unlike lazy old me, Liz is a wonder woman who is doing incredible things despite chemo.

A terrifically life-affirming post by Lisey and I love how Kate has responded on her own blog – testament to the friendships we make online.

More life-affirming, uplifting words beautifully written and shared by Jenny this week.

Wonderful writing from Eileen on why cancer always stalks our footsteps through life.

Tric writes of missing her father on the anniversary of his death.

Fiona asks a question on her blog this week – do you feel listened to by your health and care team, or by policy makers?

Rachel shares some information on Jewish women and breast cancer.

Elizabeth‘s thoughtful story-telling skills are clear to see this week in her latest wonderful blog post.

Jamie shares ten things cancer taught her.

The Living Beyond Breast Cancer blog, Penny and AnneMarie all discuss breast re-construction choices this week.

Lori addresses an important topic this week on her blog – health care directives and living wills.

Carrie has a call-out to all those affected by breast cancer – please share your story and pictures with her. Full details are to be found on her blog.

Finally, this week, I leave you with some thoughtful words from Julia 

holding on to a dream when it’s no longer viable is simply another way of putting pressure on myself. So the best thing to do is let go of the dream – and create the opportunity for other dreams to manifest.

Until next week,

Yours in the pink!

Marie xxx