A Blogging Challenge: 15 Random Facts About Me


I love the challenge Nancy set this week to share 15 random facts about ourselves. As Nancy says, “we are all about so much more than cancer”. And just like Nancy, I love learning new things about my online friends, so I do hope you will join in this challenge too.

1. I am addicted to reading thrillers and crime fiction. My favorite is Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels.

2. Related to #1 and a fact that mystifies my husband, I love watching true crime fiction and CSI shows on TV.

3. I always have the radio dial tuned to classical music.

4. I passed my driving test first time – a fact that really boosted my confidence in my teens.

5. I graduated in history from university.

6.  I love grocery shopping and always visit supermarkets when I go abroad.

7.  I hate housework, but I enjoy doing the laundry (I share this in common with Nancy).

8. I like to drink tea from my grandmother’s wedding china from the 1920s. Tea tastes so much better in china cups.

9. I love old book-stores and feel so sad they are dying off.

10. When I visit a new city, I like to seek out the places off the tourist track, and go where the locals go.

11. I love spending time in coffee-shops – not the Starbucks kind, but the old-fashioned ones with vintage china.

12. I enjoy cooking and am perfecting my baking skills.

13. When I was a little girl I wrote all the time and dreamed of being a writer when I grew up.

14. I like to go for long country walks.

15. Blue skies and sunshine make me happy; gray skies and rain don’t.

Thanks for setting this challenge Nancy. It was fun. Please do join in too!