We Are All Patients. Yes And No.


This is such a well argued and thoughtful piece of writing from a passionate and committed advocate.

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We Are All Patients. Yes and No

A response to Dr Mike Smith, Co-Chair, Patients Association

I asked the Patients Association on Twitter recently, why there were no patients on its Board of Trustees. In my opinion, the Board is made up of people portraying themselves primarily through their professional roles and expertise. No patients.

The Co-Chair, Dr. Mike Smith replied that all Trustees were passionately committed to defending the interests of patients (I believe that) and that all Trustees are, in any case and of course, themselves patients.

Many people on Twitter went on to support my challenge. They added that the legitimacy of the Patients Association was undermined by not practicing what it preaches by putting patients at the heart of its work. The Patients Association has not responded thus far.

This blog explores Dr Mike Smith’s claim that ‘we are all patients’. I hope it also helps…

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