World Cancer Day 2015


Today is World Cancer Day, an opportunity to raise awareness that there is much that can be done at an individual, community and governmental level, to harness the solutions that exist across the continuum of cancer. It’s important to recognise that cancer is indeed a continuum which begins on the day of diagnosis and continues far beyond the end of treatment. Cancer survivors face unique short-term and long-term challenges to physical and mental health, family functioning, and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Long-term and late effects of cancer treatment may arise during or after treatment and may persist throughout a patient’s lifetime. Survivors may also need ongoing monitoring for cancer recurrence and the development of new cancers. Thus cancer can be perceived as a chronic condition, and recommendations are emerging for long-term survivorship care. Cancer survivors who have other chronic conditions or health risk factors at the time of diagnosis may face additional challenges during cancer treatment and follow-up care.

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