The Transparency of Asking for Help

Justine Brooks Froelker

Justine Brooks Froelker

Those of you who are regular readers of my Weekly Round-Up will know Justine Brooks Froelker,  a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, based on the research of Brené Brown (as an aside, my dear friend Teri Wingham first introduced me to the work of Brené  Brown on vulnerability and I’ve been hooked ever since).

Justine writes eloquently on her blog, Ever Upward. of her personal struggle in overcoming the lifelong losses of infertility to own a childfree life.  I have gained much knowledge, comfort and strength in reading her words as I too try to move towards  acceptance of a child-free life (I’m a slow learner though..and I am not quite there yet).

Justine is about to launch a book based on her blog and needs some help to promote it. I stand 100% behind her in these efforts, as I know the message she wants to get out to the world is a profoundly beautiful, compassionate, and life-affirming one.  She has set up a Kickstarter campaign to produce a book trailer to help spread the word about her book.  Even if you can’t  financially contribute right now, she’d really appreciate any support you can send her way in the form of prayers and positive thoughts but, most definitely in shares, reblogs, tweets, etc.

Please start by reading these words written exclusively by Justine for Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer readers.

ever upward

The Transparency of Asking for Help

The relationships. The support. The love. The I get its. The me too’s.

The glories of being a part of this amazingly huge world of blogging.

Awe and power.

I am feeling it and needing it all now more than ever.

This awe and power has rallied around Ever Upward.

This awe and power rallied behind my #fertilitycompassion survey.

This awe and power is rallying behind the book launch.

And it’s even rallying behind my Kickstarter campaign.

Because, that’s what we do in this huge and amazing blogging world.

We rally.

Together from all over the world, from every different path and through every life experience. Yet we end up here, together alongside one another.

And, with Marie’s amazing love, support, friendship and influence I am saying thank you for everything thus far and asking for even more.

Because, frankly, I cannot do this by myself.

Ever Upward is my story. My story of surviving through two back surgeries, a year in a body cast and failed infertility treatments. My story of learning how to thrive thereafter, which, for me, includes fighting through acceptance in owning a childfree life and practicing my recovery.

Ever Upward is our story. Because life is hard and we all must let go of something in order to make room for and embrace what is supposed to be. Because we all must practice recovery from something.

I am a social media novice, yet always trying and learning. I am a mental health therapist by education, training and personality. I am a writer by trauma, loss and tragedy.

I am a helper. I am a hoper.

Ever Upward is to help. Ever Upward is to help others hope. Ever Upward is hope.

And so, it is with wholehearted, brave transparency that I am asking for your help. I am asking for the power and the awe of this amazing community to have my back.

To have my back in shares. To have my back in reblogs. To have my back in breaking the silence of infertility and recovery…recovery from it all.

To have my back in helping me with the Ever Upward Book Trailer Kickstarter campaign and in sharing the light of Ever Upward with the world.

Because, I simply cannot do it alone.

I need your help to shine our lights into this world, to silence our shame, to embrace ourselves and own it all.