Even more lovely in real life…

mindel beach2

Sunset, Mindel Beach, Darwin, with Liz

I left tropical Darwin and the wonderful hospitality of Liz and her family a few days ago, and I am slowly making my way on the long trek back to Adelaide. I first met Liz online through her blog, Paw Paw Salad,  and at the time I had no idea we would ever meet in real life – the Northern Territory of Australia is a very long way from my small corner of Ireland. So meeting Liz and discovering that she is even more lovely in real life than she appears online (and she is very lovely online!) was a wonderful way to start this road trip.  And I even came close to trying the famed Paw Paw Salad for myself, until I discovered it had chilies in it – hot, spicy, food and I don’t get on well at all.

Some highlights for me during my stay in Darwin was meeting Liz’s “breast friends” sitting by the beach in lawn chairs, eating food from a pop up restaurant close by, and learning  about their experiences with breast cancer and discovering that we are all more alike in our experiences even though we are separated by so much distance.

The next evening we spent at Mindel Beach, at the famous Sunset Markets – a vibrant place with great food stalls. Here’s a picture of us drinking a glass of bubbly together, as the sun sets over the horizon. This is definitely a memory to add to my life-time store of special memories.  Of all the memories I will have after this trip which is taking me through some of the most magnificent scenery in the world, the most precious ones will be the special people I have met – and Liz is certainly one of the most  special persons I know.

Thanks again Liz for everything x