What Are The Issues Facing Younger Women With Breast Cancer?

Poster Presentation BCY1 Conference 2012

Poster Presentation BCY1 Conference 2012

Being diagnosed with breast cancer at any age is an overwhelming and frightening experience, but being diagnosed with breast cancer when you are a younger woman brings its own unique challenges.

Facing a cancer diagnosis and undergoing treatment at a time when a young woman is typically focused on establishing her career, studying, dating, getting married or starting a family affects her in a variety of psychosocial and practical ways. She may feel isolated and alone as she comes to terms with fertility issues, early menopause, changing body image, maintaining a career while undergoing treatment, insurance issues and financial concerns.

In November 2012 I attended and presented at the first Breast Cancer in Younger Women BCY1 conference, which was held in Dublin, Ireland. BCY2 will be held in November 2014 in Dublin and I am hoping to be able to attend again this year.

There is a possibility of contributing to a session with the preliminary title of  ‘Conversations with Younger Women with Breast Cancer.’ with the aim of educating  health care professionals on the conversations they could be having with younger women. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 45 your answers to the following two questions would be most helpful.

1. What top three things would you like health professionals to be discussing at a conference about young women with breast cancer?

2. What top three things would a young woman want nurses to think about when caring for them?

I am looking forward to hearing your answers and thank you in advance for your input to this important discussion.