Creating new memories

jackaranda tree

The vibrant purple of the Jacaranda trees which line the Adelaide streets have delighted me since I arrived here. They are such a contrast to the naked winter trees of home. I know I should delight in the beauty of each season but honestly, leaving the cold, grey damp November skies for the sunny spring skies of Australia has been like a rejuvenating tonic. I realize how very lucky I am to be able to escape the harsh winter of home this year, particularly with the dark memories these months carry for me. It is coming up to two years since my mother’s death in November and while I miss her terribly every day, there is no doubt that it is easier to bear in this environment which holds no memories of her. I have been thinking a lot about how powerful our sense memories are – smells, sounds, places have such a strong hold on us. I am hoping that creating new memories at this painful time of year may help in the years to come. In the meantime I am savoring every moment of sun, colour and new sights.