Weekly Round Up – The Valuing Time Edition

girl_with_lassoTime for this week’s round-up of the best of the blog posts which I’ve read over the past week. These are the posts that have moved me, taught me something, inspired me, and which I’ve wanted to share with you. Don’t forget if you have written a post which you would like readers to see, just leave a comment below.

Last week Debbie’s post Life Is Short really resonated with me, and I am still reflecting on the paradox of life moving fast while time moves slowly – and it seems there is a similar theme going on in the blogosphere this week.

Audrey is conscious of time ” flying past with special family times and memorable experiences and inspiration from so many places.” And time passing is very much on Knot Telling’s mind as she shares some black humour on facing up to death.

“It’s been a long week.  A too quick summer and a very long week” writes Anne Marie as she recounts the pleasure of meeting with Terri from A Fresh Chapter, followed swiftly by the devastation of hearing the news that Catherine had to share with us. Catherine, we are all so heartbroken for you and you are in our thoughts and prayers every day.

This paradox of time particularly strikes me in relation to time spent in grief  and Nancy has a great post on how to help someone through the grieving process.

Chris is asking us to reflect on how we spend and value our time. Creatively following your passion is the best way I can think of to spend time – like  Sarah and her Paint C Out project (check her blog to see which famous autograph she captured this week) and Renn  who is planning on spending more of her time pursuing her writing. And speaking of writing..congratulations to Florence and Susan who are counting down the days to the launch of their book on surviving cancer.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere…

Victoria has returned to France from her Seattle vacation with an unusual souvenir.

A superb post by Beth on Healthy Privilege. Not sure what the term means? Then you really should read Beth’s blog and if you haven’t already done so, Carolyn’s take on the topic too.

And as always, I like to leave you with a quote to take you into next week and here is a beautiful one from writer Alice Walker, shared by Dr Matthew Katz on the topic of growth and change.

Some periods of our growth are so confusing that we don’t even recognize that growth is happening. We may feel hostile or angry or weepy and hysterical, or we may feel depressed. It would never occur to us, unless we stumbled on a book or a person who explained to us, that we were in fact in the process of change, of actually becoming larger, spiritually, than we were before. Whenever we grow, we tend to feel it, as a young seed must feel the weight and inertia of the earth as it seeks to break out of its shell on its way to becoming a plant. Often the feeling is anything but pleasant. But what is most unpleasant is the not knowing what is happening. Those long periods when something inside ourselves seems to be waiting, holding its breath, unsure about what the next step should be, eventually become the periods we wait for, for it is in those periods that we realize that we are being prepared for the next phase of our life and that, in all probability, a new level of the personality is about to be revealed.

Until next week.

Yours with love

Marie xxx

A Fresh Chapter, Terri