Weekly Round Up: The Why Blog Edition

girl_with_lassoMy “weekly” round up has become quite sporadic lately but I couldn’t let another week go by without attempting to put this one together. I am sure I have missed out on some great blogs in this selective collection, so please do correct my oversight in the comments below.

How do you choose an oncologist? I have read over the years several blogs on the relationship between oncologist and patient – some good, some not so good – this time it’s the turn of Knot Telling to share her experience. Eileen also picks up the theme of the doctor-patient relationship in her blog too.

This week Nancy has been asking a question that really interests me. Why do we keep on blogging? She shares her reasons in her post and would love to hear from you what your motivation is too. It seems to me that without a burning passion to change things, many of the blogs I love to read would have grown stale and fizzled out a long time ago. Not so with Anne Marie  whose passionate advocacy burns bright:

Hell hath no fury like just one type A woman pissed off at anyone who is deliberately and purposefully thwarting any and all attempts at effective advocacy.

Our blogs can be a great space to vent our emotions and find support, as Beth and Philippa’s blog has shown recently. They are also a safe place to express our fears, share our joys and our heartaches as Catherine has been doing. Please visit her blog and show your support as she has received some unsettling news this week. Catherine, my thoughts, prayers and love are with you.

Yet perhaps the more usual way of things, is that we blog for a while and then move on..or hit a wall, as both Renn and The Pink Underbelly have confessed to recently. Or perhaps our focus changes and we start afresh as Terri has done.

Finally this week,  never doubt, to quote Margaret Mead, that “a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world” – and perhaps we can apply this to our blogs too. Mead’s quote is perfectly illustrated in Scorchy’s success in effecting a change in Facebook’s policy regarding images of mastectomy. So a big shout-out to the fabulous Scorchy.

Until next week.

Yours with love

Marie xxx