Weekly Round Up

girl_with_lassoTime for this week’s round-up of the best of the blog posts which I’ve read over the past week. These are the posts that have moved me, taught me something, inspired me, and which I’ve wanted to share with you. Don’t forget if you have written a post which you would like readers to see, just leave a comment below.

I am starting off this week with the sad news of  the passing of another inspirational cancer advocate. Peggy Orenstein pays tribute to Barbara Brenner, a unique and fearless voice in breast cancer advocacy

A big thank you goes out to Anne Marie for keeping us informed and uniting us in support for Karen Sutherland, whose beloved husband Hugh died suddenly and tragically this week. Many of you will know Karen through her warm and encouraging comments which she regularly leaves on our blogs. I don’t know if Karen was quite aware of how much she has left her mark on so many of us with her kindness but I hope that in the weeks to come we can repay a tiny piece of that kindness by reaching out to her now. Renn puts into words what so many of us feel for Karen in her latest blog, and Karen has responded there with her customary grace and love. Please visit Renn’s and/or Anne Marie’s blogs and leave a message of support for our dear friend Karen.

Am I boring without my cancer? This is the question posed by Chris in his blog and it brings up a lot of interesting observations! It also made me think that is not just cancer that people soon tire of hearing about – grief, bereavement and depression can also be added to the list! Renn makes a point in her blog about the initial support after a bereavement fading away and it’s so true. So, don’t forget to check in with those who have lost loved ones over the past few years.  Bereavement is a long process and while people may seem to adjust to their lives on one level as Philippa so beautifully puts it:

So re-entry has at least physically been accomplished, though it is remarkable how different the landscape looks following our bereavement.  I guess it just takes time for our senses and emotions to readjust.

A powerful piece by Beth Gainer on the disintegration of a marriage and its final dissolution after cancer.

The marriage dies. It is already on the outs, but breast cancer hastens the inevitable. I still love my ex-husband; I always will. But breast cancer has weakened an already compromised relationship, and frankly, I’m glad the relationship ends. And that’s when I realize that divorce means my life is just beginning.

Audrey Birt, who writes from the personal perspective of patient and healthcare professional has written about why patient centered care should be at the heart of the patient/HCP relationship.

Debbie has written a guest post for Cure Today on how to reinvent yourself beyond cancer.

Exciting times for Catherine who has finished her book and is now on the hunt for a literary agent. Anyone with experience of finding an agent, can you help our friend Catherine?

Rachel has advice on when and how to exercise with cancer pain.

A welcome back (of sorts) to the blogosphere to Bringing Up Goliath. Stacey is writing on the occasion of her 49th birthday and moving on.

It’s Mother’s Day in the US, and the most poignant blogs are  those remembering the mothers we have lost. Carolyn brings her Mom vividly to life in Why I’m Nothing Like – Yet Just Like My Mother which touches on the sometimes complicated relationship between mothers and daughters.

Nancy is remembering not just her mother today, but her grandmother too and pays tribute to “all women who love and nurture children”.

Martine Brennan speaks to those of us who are invisible mothers having lost longed-for babies and writes movingly of  learning to let go. And this  theme of letting go is beautifully echoed in Lauren’s latest post on Giving Up The Ghost.

Although we celebrated Mother’s Day back in March here in Europe, Yvonne Newbold is remembering her mother on the anniversary of her death this week – and Yvonne’s own first cancerversary and a new hair cut.

And finally… Mother’s day inspires Yvonne Watterson to write another unique and beautiful reflection ending with these words on

wondering how or why I waited so long to see things above, within, and around me . . .  to credit the marvelous.

Until next week.

Keep on noticing and crediting the marvelous within and around you.

Yours with love

Marie xxx