Join Us For May’s Online Breast Cancer Chat

Breast Cancer Chat Europe

Update: Missed the Chat? Catch up here

We are delighted to have Julia Wilson, Assistant Director of Research Impact at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, join us again as this month’s #BCCEU guest. Julia’s last twitterview proved so popular with guests, that we didn’t have time to answer all your questions. So we are looking forward to another lively and informative discussion.

Julia will be delighted to explore your questions on breast cancer research again.  We are aiming to explore the following topics:

T1 There is a lot of money invested in research into breast cancer, does it get more than it share?
T2 Breast cancer incidence continues to increase, what can be done to stop that?
T3 This year the theme for fashion targets breast cancer is mothers and daughters, what reassurance can you give to families about the future?
T4 What’s new in breast cancer research just now?


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