We heal together

We’re all just walking each other home  - Ram Dass

I was so touched by all your kind and supportive comments yesterday on the first anniversary of my mother’s death. It made me think of something I read this week by Caroline Myss.

I believe that in some way we breathe together, that is, that at any given moment, the people we are surrounded by are all sharing some mutual experience in some way.

Caroline writes about a recent encounter she had with a homeless man and how it led her to observe how next year their situations could be reversed.

This man thought his home was secure. I believe that to be true about my home right now. He is now losing his home. I am sure that he at one point believed that such a thing could never happen to him. Our lives change in the blink of an eye.

How true!

I remember my mother’s distress two years ago as her best friend was diagnosed with cancer. My Mum thought that was the end for her friend. Yet one year later, that same friend stood beside me at my mother’s graveside after my Mum died from an inoperable brain tumor.

Our lives can change in the blink of an eye.

The friend we grieve for because she has lost a loved one, or has been diagnosed with an illness, grieves for us in the same situation down the line.  We are all connected by what Caroline Myss refers to as “psychic bonds that pulsate through the dark matter world”.

All life breathes, moves, heals, and suffers together. This is one of the lessons I have learned in the past year, and one of the things that helps me through the pain.

We breathe together. We live together. We heal together. We thrive together. And in this way, we survive together.