New breast cancer social media chat for Europe #BCCEU

You may already be familiar with healthcare tweet chats.  The healthcare social media community (#hcsm) is very active on Twitter and new chat sessions on health and medical related subjects are continually emerging.

It has been a source of growing frustration that due to the time difference, I have rarely been able to join the wonderful #BCSM (breast cancer social media) chat which has been running so successfully for the past year in the United States. So, together with Audrey Birt,  Director of Breakthrough Breast Cancer in Scotland, I have formed  #BCCEU a twitter chat for breast cancer patients, their caregivers, patient advocates, healthcare professionals, not-for-profit health organizations, heath content providers, health institutions, and anyone with an interest in the design and delivery of breast cancer care across Europe.

How to take part in #BCCEU

We will be launching our first #BCCEU chat on 6 December at 8.30 pm GMT (topic to be announced).   We will be posting further instructions and details in the coming days on the #BCCEU blog and our Facebook page. You can follow us on Twitter @BCCEU.

We do hope you will join us and help us grow the breast cancer social media community in Europe.