Revisiting cancer survivorship

I have written about this topic several times here on Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer, as I have become more and more aware of how many people dislike the term “survivorship”.

I use the term cancer survivor, not because I have any particular affinity with the label,  but simply for lack of another suitable term. What should we call this phase for those of us for whom active cancer treatment has ended? No one has yet come up with an all-encompassing term to cover it, apart from “survivor”.

So, it was interesting to discover this question being asked by some cancer researchers in France. You are being asked to choose which of the following two sentences you would prefer:

I consider myself a survivor of cancer.


I can say about me that I am someone who has survived the test of cancer.

I am aware that my translation, particularly in the second sentence, may mean that some of the nuance has got lost in translation, so if you have a better translation, please do let me know. You will find the original article here.

Of course, both these sentences refer to the concept of survivorship again, so perhaps neither are sentences you would choose? Is there a better way of saying this? I will pass your comments onto the researchers if you would be so kind as to leave them below.