Announcing the Breast Cancer Consortium

Gayle Sulik, founder, Breast Cancer Consortium

Gayle Sulik,  sociologist and author of Pink Ribbon Blues, How Breast Cancer Culture Undermines Women’s Health has brought together a dynamic group of professionals to form the Breast Cancer Consortium.

Announcing the launch of the Consortium today on her blog,  Gayle writes:

In the last several years I have been engaged in public sociology to spur open and constructive dialogue about what is working and what is not working in the increasingly commercialized and superficial world of breast cancer. During this time and throughout my academic career I have worked with a network of individuals from diverse backgrounds and affiliations who are committed to revamping a system that no longer serves the interests of the diagnosed, those at risk for breast cancer, or those who have been diligently working toward social change.

The Consortium will work across disciplines, constituencies, and nations to change the breast cancer paradigm. I am already familiar with the passionate commitment to changing the paradigm and the discussion of  some of its members, including Sarah Horton, Katie Ford Hall, Jody Schoger, Kathi Kolb and Cathie Malhouitre, and look forward to watching this group grow and develop.

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I have no doubt they will do wonderful things! Watch this space!