The Weekly Round-Up

girl_with_lassoTime for this week’s round-up of the best of the blogs which I’ve read over the past week. These are the posts that have moved me, taught me something, inspired me, and which I’ve wanted to share with you. Remember, if you have written or read a post recently which you would like me to share with readers, then please leave a comment below.

This week saw many of you remembering 9/11 in your blogs – Jackie reprises her poem, Choice; and Yvonne shares a poem by Irish poet, Seamus Heaney; Catherine writes movingly of the intermingling of tragedy and miracle and Jamie writes of a sweet gesture made when words fail.

If 9/11, heck, if cancer has taught us anything it is that we aren’t guaranteed a tomorrow, which leads me to Debbie’s question this week:

Are you saving your good stuff for the regular season? Are you waiting for it to really matter before you get out there and show us your best stuff? Are you biding your time, thinking that now really doesn’t matter because there’s always next season? Tell me what would change in your life if you decided right here, right now, to go for the gold.

Someone going for gold and living the life she feels drawn to lead is my friend Terri Wingham..check out her latest post on her plans for New Delhi 2013.

Of course, we can push ourselves too hard and fast in reaching for that gold, so In Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day, Julia Barnickle has some good advice for us on taking things one step at a time:

 if you can accept that even doggy-paddle moves you forward – albeit very slowly – then you can learn to appease that part of you that is constantly pushing you to do better and faster, and accept that some progress is better by far than no progress at all.

A lovely blog award goes to Keep The Calm and deservedly so – I really enjoyed learning more about Jenn and to discover that she also loves the movie The Outsiders 😉

Do check out Lovely Katie Lumps blog where she is writing about something oh so familiar to many of us…the end of treatment  – or as she so aptly calls it Surviving Survivorship!

Celebrating blogoverseraries this week..Nancy’s Point and Tami Boehmer.

Philippa has got herself a bicycle this week – complete with basket and happy sounding bell 🙂

Liz is telling tales of Darwin on her Paw Paw Salad blog

Much food for thought on Audrey’s blog this week, as she writes of how her  advocacy was formed by the values instilled in her in her childhood background.

Two of my favourite ladies are convalescing – please keep them in your thoughts and prayers – The Pink Underbelly’s Nancy from knee surgery and The Big C and Me’s Renn has had the final surgery to remove her tissue expanders and replace them with permanent implants.

Anne Marie is writing of Kathy Bates’ diagnosis of breast cancer and shares with us the tweet she received from Kathy herself, which seems to me the perfect way to round off this week’s round-up:

No tears. Distinguished survivors in this club

Until next week, my distinguished survivors…

Yours with love

Marie xxx

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