Weekly Round-Up

girl_with_lassoTime for this week’s round-up of the best of the blogs which I’ve read over the past week. These are the posts that have moved me, taught me something, inspired me, and which I’ve wanted to share with you. Remember, if you have written or read a post recently which you would like me to share with readers, then please leave a comment below.

This week AnneMarie  has introduced me to a new voice in the BC blogosphere – the author of Your Brain After Chemo, Idelle Davidson. Anne Marie reprises the text of a speech Idelle gave recently at a conference, and it contains a surprising revelation about an omission from chemotherapy consent forms.

Educating us further, Nancy has an excellent post on The Breast Cancer Patient Education Act (& BRA Day) and Kathi, some sound advice on choosing a new doctor.

Meanwhile, Candida’s sterling research into apps continues on her blog and a thank you to her also for introducing me to My Lymphoma Journey, which this week offers 20 tips on reducing anxiety and stress.

Jen shares the story of her friend Jodi who underwent a double mastectomy and has won permission from Seattle Parks and Recreation Department to swim topless in city pools.

Liz is back blogging at Paw Paw Salad and Audrey is back to work and sharing her thoughts on a new campaign she is working on in her role as Director for Scotland of Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Sweet stories and images about vacations and families over at the The Pink Underbelly and check out Yvonne’s delightful story about planting and nurturing a beautiful tree for her daughter. And did you know that there are two talented writers in the Watterson family? Meet Yvonne’s brother Keith, who in his blog this week, is waxing lyrical on Bob Dylan and how “It ain’t no use to sit and wonder why…”

Jackie  has written a moving tribute to her friend Pam and her words touched so many of us:

That was how Pam lived her life, and how she faced death. Straight on, no dithering, no excuses. If I can be half the woman she was when my time comes, it will be because she taught me how to live with joy and light and love, and how to face death with grace.

This leads me onto Terri, who is a young woman who certainly knows how to live with light, love and joy… and of course adventure.

Tami’s latest post really resonated with me – she writes of her frustration with dealing with her health insurers and as I am currently battling my own insurers, my heart really goes out to her.

Debbie is discussing anger and asking the question of how you dealt with (or didn’t) your own anger at cancer.

Both Catherine and Jan have written heartfelt accounts of why we can never truly put cancer behind us and that leads me onto the following quote from Beth’s superb reflection on what it means to live in the limbo land the literature calls cancer survivorship:

Yes, I’m waiting for that moment when I can feel like a brave and strong warrior. I now know I will never have that feeling of medical and emotional security. Because I have already had breast cancer. And that forever changed things for me.

Until next week.

Yours with love

Marie xxx