Diagnosis: Breast Cancer : The Best Action Plan for Navigating Your Journey

Cara Novy-Bennewitz

I regularly get requests to review books on breast cancer and when Cara Novy- Bennewitz sent me an advance copy of her book, Diagnosis: Breast Cancer: The Best Action Plan for Navigating Your Journey, I was delighted to be able to review a book by someone I had come to know online.

Now at this point you may be thinking what’s so special about yet another breast cancer book hitting our shelves, but let me tell you this book is special! What makes Diagnosis: Breast Cancer stand out from the rest is how eminently practical and down to earth it is, and Cara’s remarkable ability to distil complicated and often overwhelming information into an easy to understand and digestible format.

This guide helps the reader organize their thoughts and to formulate a step by step action plan by giving them the tools they need. Standout features include worksheets to help you keep track of all your paperwork and medical expenses, information on understanding your pathology report (something I am still confused about 7 years later) practical guides to treatment options and much more.

I found myself reading Diagnosis: Breast Cancer while thinking how much I wished this book had been available to me at the time of my own diagnosis. My collection of appointment cards, information booklets, receipts, and other documents I gathered throughout treatment were disorganized and frankly unhelpful. I felt overwhelmed with the complexities of decisions to be made and unfamiliar medical jargon.  Imagine having a tool to hand which would help you plan and keep in control of your information at a time when you feel so overwhelmed and confused?  Well, this book is it, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Next week I will be featuring an interview with Cara, who in addition to being the author of this wonderful book,  is a breast cancer survivor and a certified cancer exercise specialist and medical ambassador for The American Cancer Society. Cara will also be giving away a copy of her book to one lucky reader.  So stay tuned…

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