Taking up the challenge

I am so pleased that Anne Marie has taken up my call for writing prompts and her challenge ties in nicely with yesterday’s Why Words Matter theme.

Here is Anne Marie’s writing prompt

What are those phrases, those words, those things you’ve heard spoken (or written) that have caused you to become irritated?  Annoyed?  Angered to the “I’ll seriously hurt you” point?  Gotten cranky over?  Were they said to you?  About you?

Check out Anne Marie’s response here.

So, I am going to join in with Anne Marie, not with one but with several “helpful” things said to me in my fertility challenges over the past 4 years.

“It’s God’s Will” (doesn’t help me)

“You could always adopt” (complicated by age and history of cancer)

“Just relax and it will happen”  (you try relaxing under this kind of stress)

“You are so lucky to have all this free time to do what you want and go where you want without kids hanging out of you” (but we want kids hanging out of us)

People don’t mean to be hurtful when they say these things to couples struggling with infertility, but nevertheless their words wound more than they realize. I am putting this out there as a plea for sensitivity when speaking to your childless friends. If you find yourself at a loss what to say or an impulse to offer advice, don’t. Just say a heartfelt “I’m sorry” and that will suffice..believe me.