Join me in a new blogging challenge

Face that she keeps in a jar by the door

Jen from Keep The Calm was so inspired by the solidarity of last week’s 6 word cancer memoir challenge set by Renn, that she has decided to continue with a challenge of her own this week.

Post a photo or self portrait or other form of visual art (if you are not comfortable sharing your visage with us) of yourself that describes who you have been within the last six months.

It’s really got me thinking.

I looked through some photographs of myself in the past six months, but none of them represent the cataclysmic changes that have been going on for me. These changes have all been happening on the inside..where they can’t be seen. So, I guess, I am back to the theme of last week’s post about the mask and thoughts about how often we hide what is truly happening for us on the inside.

Thanks to Jen for this interesting assignment. I hope you will be inspired to join in too. Please leave a link here if you do, so that I can add them all to the weekly round-up this Friday.

Image Credit: Flickr