Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge Day 29 #HAWMC

Day 29 of the WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month which I have signed up for – a month dedicated to the art of writing about health. 

The penultimate day of our writing challenge and today’s prompt is:

Six Sentence Story Can you tell a story and make it short and sweet? What can you say in six sentences.

Apologies in advance..this is a sad story..but one I felt compelled to write.


It is late November – the days are dark and my mother, who is dying, has been moved to hospice care. The candles flicker in the  room, silent but for her labored breathing. Aunts and uncles come and go, bending over her sleeping form, stroking her hair, murmuring prayers.  My mother struggles for one last breath, then quietly leaves this world.  I hold that precious hand that first held mine, lovingly stroke and kiss the fingers now growing white like an alabaster statue. I feel as if I am falling into a deep hole – the hole in my life where my mother should be and suddenly it occurs to me, I can’t remember the sound of her voice anymore.