Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge Day 22 #HAWMC

Day 22 of the WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month which I have signed up for – a month dedicated to the art of writing about health.  Today’s prompt is Things We Forget. 

My sticky note was inspired by something I recently read on a Facebook update by Donijka of the Irish Online Counselling & Psychotherapy Service – a reminder to be here now – a lesson I needed to hear that day.. and every day!

If all the truth and wisdom of the universe is contained in every small thing, how much do we miss when we are absent from ourselves? Do we miss signs of disquiet or dis-ease in ourselves and others? How much of our journey do we miss because of our absence from ourselves? Take some time today do notice where you are, have you left yourself, are you fully present, or are you merely functioning on autopilot?

The second part of today’s writing challenge asks where I would post this. I think I need to post it everywhere in my home, my car, my office as a reminder to come back to myself every time my mind wanders.

Over to You

What reminder would you write to yourself?