Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge Day 10 #HAWMC

Day ten of the WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month which I have signed up for – a month dedicated to the art of writing about health. Today’s prompt:

Knowing what you know now, what would the older, wiser, Health Activist in you say to 16-year-old you? Would it be words of advice? Comfort? Truth? Would you warn of disease prevention and the importance of health?

Darling girl,

You are so caught up right now in studying for exams so that you will get to university. Don’t worry, you will make it! But, it won’t be quite what you were expecting. Now, you are top of the class in school, but just wait til you get to uni…you are in for a bit of shock.  You won’t be “top of the class” anymore and this will shake your confidence. But, remember, this life’s early winners often fall away. Your time will come.You have talents that will lie undiscovered for many years, because you judged yourself by a rigid standard of IQ. EQ is yet to be written about..but you are developing it right now.

And don’t worry, it won’t all be studying, you are about to meet your first serious boyfriend and he is going to be lovely. Although you will break up two years later, you will remain friends, and he will always be a special part of your life.  You won’t believe this, but you are going to leave this special  guy for someone else, a tall, dark, handsome stranger (yes, they really do exist in real life) who you will fall madly, deeply in love with and plan to spend the rest of your life with….except it won’t work out that way. He will break your heart and you will think you will never love again. You will..but it will take time for you to find your Mr Right. And here’s a tip, he won’t be what you expect at all – he won’t be tall, or dark, but he will be kind and generous and he will make you laugh and he will stick by you through some very dark times.

Ah, the dark times..I wish I could save you from them..truly I do.

Now take a look at yourself in the mirror..forget about the spots..they will disappear in time..and I promise people don’t notice them as much as you think. You are so young and so lovely..and the tragedy is you don’t realize how beautiful you are.  I know you are pleased with your figure, if not your face, but make the most of it now, because see those perky breasts – you will lose one of them in later years to breast cancer. Yes, breast cancer. It’s incredible isn’t it, to think that you will have to face something only older women get (you’re wrong there!)  when you are still a young woman. But, don’t be afraid. It will be a tough road, but you will find a strength you never knew you had to get through it, and eventually it will take your life in a whole new wonderful direction. Just you wait and see.

Now, comes the hardest part to tell you, yes, even harder than cancer. I wish I could prepare you for what it will be like, but I am sorry, there is no way to prepare you for it.  Your Mum, who you fight with now like all teenage girls, the one you take for granted, and who doesn’t understand you (or so you think) she will become your best friend. She will see you through relationship break ups, lovingly nurse you through cancer, and be there for your unfailing through many of life’s ups and downs. You will discover a deep love for her and when she dies, your heart will be broken.  So treasure her as much as you can right now, tell her you love her, ask her more about her life, you really will regret it if you don’t. I don’t know if you will ever get over losing her, but I do know one thing though,  you have come through tough times before, and so I want you to hold on and know that you truly do have the strength you need to get through anything that life throws at you – even if it won’t always feel like it.

Oh and one last thing…stop being so serious about everything. Right now you have so little to fret about..right now, life is just one big adventure waiting to happen – be fearless and grab all the opportunities you can.

Live courageously!


Me xxxx


Thoughts On Today’s Challenge

I really hesitated on today’s challenge. Every time I thought of the 16-year-old girl that I was, I felt sad for all she was going to have to face in her life. I wanted desperately to save her from all the pain she would have to go through. I really found this exercise very hard to do. I left out a lot of what I wanted to say, as silly as it sounds, I didn’t want to scare her too much.