The Spring Within Holistic Retreat

Hammamet, Tunisia

As soon as I read the words “The Spring Within” I felt my heart lift. The advent of spring this year has never been more welcome to me.

The Spring Within is an holistic retreat taking place in April in Hammamet,  on the Cap Bon Peninsula of Tunisia.  I love the story of how it all came about – Julia Barnickle and Christina Hatt were introduced to each other through a mutual friend in January 2012 and immediately discovered a strong connection – not least because of their shared experiences with breast cancer. This echoes so much of the friendships I have formed online, but Julia and Christina took things a step further! During the the course of one sociable afternoon in chilly London, they came up with the idea of The Spring Within retreat.

Here is how it is described on their website:

The Spring Within is an opportunity for people who have been battered – but not beaten – by illness, redundancy or another of Life’s challenges to come together and re-discover the spark that makes us all human. On offer are treats such as Yoga, Meditation, Life Coaching, Belly Dancing, Tunisian Cookery, Creative Writing, and Singing – all designed to help you get in touch with your your intuition, unlock your creativity and express your real Self.

Doesn’t that sound just wonderful? Can you imagine practicing yoga and meditation in such a beautiful setting? Learning to cook Tunisian cuisine? Giving free reign to your imagination with some creative writing? And all of this facilitated by two wonderful ladies, who I have had the pleasure of getting to know online over the past few months, thanks to my friend Martine Brennan.

Julia Barnickle

Both Christina and Julia are warm, empathetic and generous in sharing their support and wisdom online.  I am very tempted to join them in Tunisia in April on The Spring Within retreat. I think it’s just what my body and soul need after the past difficult year.

Christina Hatt

If you are tempted too, why not check out their website for more details and do join me here on Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer tomorrow to meet Christina who, as my next guest author, will share her story of how she fell in love with Tunisia.