#BCSM Twitter Chat

  1. Another great discussion on Twitter last night around the terminology of cancer. Here’s a round-up of what people were saying.

    RT @chemobrainfog: @regrounding @planethealer this is the fear we all live with. that’s why remission/cured/cancer free=not good words #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:35:50
  2. RT @regrounding: VERY TRUE!!! RT @DrAttai: some of us get it!! RT @planethealer: #bcsm doctors even have no clue with stage 4 – we are a growing group #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:40:04
  3. Love that frame!! RT @planethealer: #bcsm I say besides having cancer I am completely health- fact is that is true #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:41:59
  4. RT @FollowHeidi: #Bcsm my children know more about the struggles of cancer patients, what a chemo center looks like and what we need than most adults I know
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:43:01
  5. @DrAttai How do you explain these differences to kids who are post-CA treatment? #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:45:16
  6. “@planethealer: #bcsm today 16 years out- I was 36- I am 7 with stage 4 – there us life after and during cancer- truth!!!!” glad to hear!
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:46:43
  7. #bcsm I am grateful to be monitored so closely -at least I know where it is
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:47:36
  8. @chemobrainfog I think those words “remission,” “cure” etc–interfere with good empathy towards the emotional struggle. #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:47:44
  9. RT @subatomicdoc: @chemobrainfog Vita nova, a new life. Cancer exposes awareness of mortality. We live differently afterward. #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:47:45
  10. How do we reconcile our own discussion of “life after cancer” and NED? Is NED “after”? #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:48:43
  11. gr8 ? RT @itsthebunk: So, aside from bloodwork and scans, how do we do surveillance for mets? What symptoms do you monitor? #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:48:50
  12. RT @joltdude: Id be more happy to use the word “cure” if we could find a way to get these diseases to come out of their hiding spots #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:50:55
  13. RT @chemobrainfog: @subatomicdoc i love that A New Life WAY more than New Normal #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:50:24
  14. I don’t live in fear, but I live knowing “survivor” title can be stripped away-mostly when I have a follow up appt it’s in my face #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:51:15
  15. I don’t feel as healthy due to side effects of treatment. They took a toll. Complex feelings abound post cancer. #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:51:31
  16. My perspective after cancer: Each day is a new start. Every day I can get up and put both feet on the floor, is a GREAT day. Simple. #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:51:14
  17. When people ask me how I am after cancer, my response is: surviving. That’s exactly what I’m doing. #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:51:45
  18. #bcsm I feel less healthy now than before dx hopefully that will change with time. I view my cancer as an opportunity to reinvent myself
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:52:02
  19. RT @DrAttai: @subatomicdoc I like vita nova, new life better than “new normal” #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:52:29
  20. 🙂 RT @ShyDi47: I feel for everyone in here that have gone through this disease @ I wish nothing more for you but good health. #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:52:24
  21. RT @stales My perspective s/p cancer: Each day is a new start. Every day I can get up and put both feet on the floor, is a GREAT day. #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:52:22
  22. RT @stales: me too RT @NancysPoint: I will never be comfortable with terms cured or cancer free. #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:52:40
  23. I love this! RT @feistybluegecko: VPD – Vita Post Diagnosis. I find it like having a lens through which I see and live things now. #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:52:36
  24. Love this @RannPatterson Callers herself Cancer conquerer. #BCSM
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:52:33
  25. I often feel OK, but then I recall I felt fine when I was diagnosed. Coming up on 1 year since then – lots going on… @stales #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:53:21
  26. T3 I make a conscious effort to make the most of things now, not to put things off, to do things I want to do sooner rather than later #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:53:38
  27. RT @planethealer #bcsm cancer is not my life it is a part of it- I focus on living #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:53:47
  28. yes, it’s a part of the tapestry of my life. RT @planethealer: #bcsm cancer is not my life it is a part of it- I focus on living #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:53:49
  29. You never know how strong your are until being strong is the only choice you have! #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:56:47
  30. Support groups r great 4 people going through cancer treatments @ also talking about your internal feelings rather than suppress them #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:56:55
  31. RT @DrAttai @debmthomas takes a LONG time after tough treatment to feel healthy again – take the little things and run with them! #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:57:45
  32. @itsthebunk And language like “cure” sometimes decreases others’ ability to understand the fear/stress. #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:58:32
  33. stay in moment. absolutely necessary. honor my feelings as long as they are “reasonable” and if they consume me, get help for anxiety #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:58:26
  34. Y! RT @planethealer: @itsthebunk agree- I try 2 limit the time I live in fear & try hard 2 literally B here now-for my sanity& health #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 21:58:20
  35. RT @feistybluegecko Living w/ reality of poss. recurrence brings an emotional and psychological dimension which is hard to communicate #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 22:00:34
  36. Final thoughts – do the best you can. simple as that. Find your own way “to do” life post cancer dx. #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 22:00:16
  37. MT @itsthebunk: Wow, already over??!! Went by so fast! To those who mightve missed it: wrote re NED today bit.ly/z5GqdX #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 22:01:58
  38. last thought: the ominous nature of CA makes any reference to its absence uncertain; supporters of pts must learn that NED is not cure #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 22:02:06
  39. @IM4PBS be very patient with your body and mind, celebrate each tiny little victory – you’ll get there #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 22:02:49
  40. RT @IM4PBS: I agree with you 100%!!! RT @planethealer: #bcsm cancer is not my life it is a part of it- I focus on living
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 22:06:47
  41. If you’re interested in the #BCSM hashtag you can check out our profile on @foxepractice bit.ly/jAHF85
    Tue, Jan 17 2012 00:07:36
  42. Agree! RT @stales: RT @FollowHeidi: #Bcsm we are never done; we wake up every day and have to keep fighting. #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 22:08:51
  43. Incredible chat, as always. Thanks ladies. #bcsm
    Mon, Jan 16 2012 22:09:47