My blogging year in review

And so, here we are again, on the cusp of a new year, and inevitably I have been reflecting on the past year and all its challenges. Alongside all the pain and sadness of this year, one thing has remained constant – blogging.

Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer has been my sanctuary, my therapy, my strength, my comfort and my  anchor. I have written here many times of my gratitude to you all for journeying with me over the past year and how much that has meant to me.

It has also been a joy to watch how your own blogs have grown and developed over the past year.  The highlights for me have been the wonderful guest posts you have written for Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer and putting together the weekly round-up of your blogs each Friday.  I’d love to hear some more about what have been your blogging highlights in the past year, so please do leave a comment below.

So, in the tradition of end of year reviews I wanted to share with you the top 10 blog posts here on Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer, ranked according to most page views and commented upon.

Top 10 Blog Posts 2011

How do you finish this sentence?

What happens after cancer treatment ends?

Becoming Real

If you could go back in time

Cancer and the other side of me

In the midst of life…

The myth of perfectionism 

On the death of the beloved

Did cancer affect your relationships?

How the light gets in


What were some of the most popular posts on your blog?  I encourage you to share your links  in the comments section below.