When Cancer Hits

I have just finished reading the latest book by Britta Aragon,  When Cancer Hits, and am left with just one question – why wasn’t this available to me when I was going through my own cancer treatment?

This is the book I wish I had been able to read back then – full of great tips on taking care of your sensitive skin during treatment, advice on which toxins to avoid and recommendations for natural alternatives. It is written in an easy to read and practical style, and Britta’s warmth and genuine caring shines through on each page. While the book is aimed primarily at readers going through cancer treatment, it is still an invaluable resource for the post-treatment years too, particularly as so many of us have become more concerned about the link between environmental toxins and cancer.

Britta was only 16 years old when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease.  Eight years later, when her father was diagnosed with colon cancer, she sought solutions for the difficult side effects he suffered on his hair, skin and nails, but was disheartened by the lack of straightforward information or effective solutions.  After her father passed away in 2007, Britta made it her mission to honor her father’s legacy by founding the  lifestyle care website CincoVidas.

I am looking forward to interviewing Britta later this week,  about what led her to write her book, and having her share some of her advice with us, but if you can’t wait until then why not visit Britta’s website Cinco Vidas to learn more.