Can you help?

I have been invited to give a talk to board members of a cancer support group on how they can incorporate a blog on their website and while I’ve been preparing my presentation, and thinking about the elements that make a great blog,  it occurred to me that I should really ask what you think about this!


I would love to know your thoughts on what you think they should include on their blog.

But first, a little background on the centre.

This centre caters for individuals and their families who have been diagnosed with cancer. It provides counselling and holistic therapies such as reflexology, yoga, massage, meditation, and tai chi, as well as a safe, supportive environment to relax with a cuppa and a chat. At present their website provides contact details and lists the therapies that are available and they are now considering making it more interactive and incorporating a blog.

Your answers to the following questions would really help me provide the centre with the best way for them to move forward with their project.

  • Did or do you avail of services in a similar cancer support centre?
  • If they have a blog did you read it?
  • What kind of articles would you most like to read on a centre’s blog?
  • What do you think they could uniquely provide that is not provided elsewhere in the online cancer support community?
  • Do you have any examples of cancer support centre blogs to share with us?

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!