Weekly Round Up

girl_with_lassoTime for the weekly round-up of blogs.  These are the posts that have moved me, taught me something, inspired me, and which I’ve wanted to share with you. Just click on the highlighted links to read the posts. Don’t forget if you have written a post which you would like readers to see,  and which I may have overlooked, then please leave a comment below.

I am starting this week’s round-up with some sad news. Katie has written of the passing of Ashley, a friend first in the online world and later a friend in “real” life.  Although I didn’t know of Ashley, I do know that fellow-feeling of shock and devastation when we hear of the death of another friend to this disease that unites us all in our collective grief.

While vacationing with her family, Stacey’s cousin, Matthew, has stepped in as guest blogger on Bringing Up Goliath. He shares his story of losing his mother, Stacey’s aunt, to breast cancer at 51. Matthew, in a beautifully written post, which brought tears to my eyes, looks back at the years spent without his mother and the days to come as his wedding day approaches.

And speaking of vacations, the Feisty Blue Gecko is back from hers and reflecting on auld claithes (old clothes), porridge and blogging and how all this might relate to finding our “new normal” after cancer.

Great post from Jody this week on the rise of “celebrity” cancer survivors and “the grey line that connects newly emerging cancer celebrities to the Oprah and Dr. Oz powerhouse, and people accepting their utterings as gospel.”

Allie has finished her last round of chemotherapy and is reflecting on what lies ahead for her now, while The Pink Underbelly is reflecting on a whole lotta shouldas in her life.

Lauren has been writing about her Miata Mavens and the profound healing she experienced and Jan has finally gotten the results of her tests this week after an anxious wait.

In her latest post, Chemobabe has been entertaining some French visitors and has a beautiful reflection on language and our stories.

Nancy is reflecting on the end of the summer season.

A post from Rachel with tips on how to handle stress which ties in nicely with Debbie’s Mindful Monday post this week. I am really enjoying this regular feature.

AND..speaking of tips…Kathi has a whole lot of them for you..and a picture of her gorgeous Edwardian bonnet!

In What Lady Gaga Can Teach Breast Cancer Survivors Jackie draws forth a lesson from Lady Gaga’s attitude to life and how it can relate to breast cancer survivors.

I am so disappointed that I can’t take part in the weekly BCSM chat on Twitter, but it is great to find a round-up from Brenda this week to keep me up to date with what I missed.

Finally, Terri from A Fresh Chapter is writing about her latest big audacious dream and asks what is yours? I am going to finish this week with a quote from Mark Twain, which Terri quoted this week:

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines! Sail away from the safe harbour! Catch the trade winds in your sails! Explore! Dream! Discover!

So, until next week…

 Dream big everyone!

Love Marie xxx