Tag! You’re it!

Now y’all know how much I love learning more about my bloggesses, so you can imagine how delighted I was when Kim tagged me in this game.  I loved learning some more about Kim, who is one of the nicest ladies online I know and whose strong faith and compassion has inspired me greatly since I first met her online.

I’m supposed to answer some questions:

Do you think you’re hot?


Upload a picture or wall paper you are using at the moment.

The Guys

This is my current wallpaper picture..it makes me smile each time I see it. I pass these guys on my walk and I always stop to say hello.

The Song(s) you listened to recently?

Giving Up by Ingrid Michaelson. Love her voice and this song is so sweet – and how cute is this video 🙂

What were you thinking as you were doing this?

I was thinking of what question comes next, which is actually how I live my life and wish I didn’t! I wish I could live more in the present moment and less in the future. I always seem to be planning ahead, looking towards the next thing I have to do.

Do you have nicknames?

Felt a little teary and sad reading Kim’s responses on this as it contained lots of Mom, Mommy and Grandma…words I dream of hearing myself called…

Tag eight Blogger friends










Next part of the game…writing something about each of the above named, in random order.


Who’s listed as number one?

Jan is not only a wonderful writer, but also one of the nicest, most genuine people you could meet both on and off line. I had the pleasure of finding that out for myself on her recent visit to Ireland. Jan also wins the first prize (if I was giving one out) for the most loyal reader. She rarely misses a post and always leaves a supportive comment and I notice she does this on many other blogs too. It really impresses me!

Say something about number 5

Lauren is an amazing writer. Her insights and her way of getting right to the heart of things inspire me. Her posts have moved me to tears on occasion.

How did you get to know number 3?

Martine was interviewed on a radio show presented by a friend of mine and I just loved what she had to say and how she said it, so I looked her up on Facebook and got in touch. I discovered a wise and wonderful woman who has been a great support to me through some difficult times. We finally got to meet earlier this month, and she is just as lovely in real life. I am so happy that I did reach out and make contact with Martine because she has enriched my life since first getting to know her a year ago. You too can find Martine on Facebook at Refresh, Renew and Recreate Your Life and you’ll be glad you did!

How about number 4?

You know I can’t remember how we found each other online, but I do remember our first “date” in real life in spring 2010 which went really well. We have quite a lot in common, particularly a shared interest in the business of blogging..and I will let you in on a little secret here..we are in the middle of setting up a business together which will capitalise on our combined expertise in PR and social media marketing. I am really excited about our new venture and it is all thanks to the amazing power of social networking!

Leave a lovey-dovey message for number 2

Debbie, you are the sweetest, most genuinely caring and loving person I have met online and I miss you loads when you aren’t around. My heart soars when I get a card from you in the mail or read one of your loving e-mails. You mean the world to me and I look forward to the day we finally get to meet in real life xxxxx

Do numbers 7 & 8 have any similarities?

I got to know both Philippa and Jackie when they shared some of their poetry on my Poetry Friday slot, so they are both wonderful poets (as is Jan) and great writers.

Have to add an optional question in here when I realised that Brenda is missing from my answers…so

Who is the bravest blogger from this list?

Brenda!!! Brenda lost her husband recently and the way she has handled her grief over his passing has been so inspirational. She has chronicled her journey with grief in such an honest and brave way, but with not a hint of self pity in her writings in Brenda’s blog. Brenda, you inspire me every day!

So there you have it. I love to get any opportunity I can to give a shout out to my favorite bloggesses. Ladies your support, your kindness and your insights enrich my life more than you can know.

Keep on writing, and keep on doing what you do – the world needs more people like you. In the words of Maya Angelou you are:

Phenomenal woman,
That’s (you)