Why I got rid of my blogroll

It’s an unwritten rule in the blogosphere that if a blogger puts a link to your blog in his or her blogroll, you should reciprocate and add that blog’s link in your own blogroll. So why did I make the decision to get rid of mine then?

My list was becoming too unwieldy and I also started to worry that I may be hurting someone’s feelings by not listing a blog, which is no reflection on how I feel about their blog..but you know how these things can be.

However, I still want to share the love and to help people discover new blogs and my old favourites, so….

I hope that you will stay tuned to my weekly round up of posts, which is truly representative of those blogs new and old that I love and want to share with you. Of course, there can be a danger of  this becoming a bit of a small club, with the same blogs appearing each week, so please, do keep me updated on new blogs that you discover and like.  And if you don’t appear in the weekly round up, it is only because I am human and can’t keep up with everyone all the time, much as I try. So don’t be shy, leave a link to a post you have written and which I may have missed that week. I will also continue to share a wide variety of  cancer experiences with you by featuring regular guest bloggers, with links to their blogs and sites. This is in keeping with my mission to share all voices of survivorship –  the good, the bad and the ugly!

Looking forward to sharing the blogger love each week with all my favourite bloggers.