Until every woman knows

Although Mother’s Day has passed, this video just came to my attention and it seems an ideal way to have marked the day. But of course, we don’t need a special day set aside to let our mothers know how loved they are, so please take a few moments to watch and share this video about breast cancer treatment with all the mothers, sisters, aunts, and women in your life.

Why is this so important?

Because not all breast cancers are the same and not every woman with early-stage breast cancer needs chemotherapy.

And 50% of women who are eligible never hear about Oncotype DX, the test that can help patients understand if chemotherapy is right for their type of breast cancer. I certainly wish I had known about it when I received my diagnosis.


Dr. Susan Love from the Army of Women also shared a personal story regarding Oncotype DX via a special Mother’s Day post on her blog.*

You can also find more information at 


*In the spirit of transparency, Genomic Health has been a supporter of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and has done so in part through a grant.