Poetry Friday

Sarah Sadtler Feather aka Carcinista


We never actually met
I never saw her face
or heard her voice
except through a strange
unreal, surreal link.
But we shared so much
became firm stranger-friends
bound together by a common
unexpected, uninvited, intruding disease
invading, consuming our bodies
too long undiscovered
too long undisturbed.
We bumped into each other
in this virtual world
Sharing our tears of laughter and fear
Each other’s face, name
Unknown, unfamiliar
Yet holding each other’s hands
while pushed along our medical path
disease and drugs trying,
but unable,
to strip us of dignity.
And then she was gone.
From her family
From her friends
And from a woman she had never met


This beautiful heartfelt poem comes from Philippa of Feisty Blue Gecko, whose poetry we have featured here previously. This poem is particularly special as Philippa wishes to dedicate it to Carcinista, who passed away on May 3rd, and whose memorial service takes place today.  Philippa told me that she wrote this poem in memory of all those women we have never met, but who have touched our lives and  our hearts through their writing and whose loss we mourn.

I thought perhaps we could use this opportunity as our own online memorial for those we have lost to this insidious disease by placing their names in the comments below and offering up a prayer or a wish for them and for those who they’ve left behind.

May they rest in great natural peace and may their loved ones be comforted and strengthened in their loss.