Learning to be kind to ourselves

Today’s post is inspired by a recent newsletter from life coach, Cheryl Richardson and also my own reflections on how hard I and many of you are on yourselves.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that being kind results in significant physical, mental and emotional health benefits including improving the immune system, enhancing self-esteem, optimism and happiness. Now don’t you deserve to reap these physical, mental and emotional benefits?  And the way to do this is to include being kind to yourself, not just others.

Richardson advises that in order to do this we should:

Be patient with yourself. If it takes you longer to get where you want to go, there might be a reason for it. If you could rise above your life and view it from a higher perspective you’d see exactly why things happen as they do. Allow for Divine timing. It works .

  • Ask for help and guidance. I still catch myself trying to go it alone during the most challenging of times. Slowly but surely I am learning that isolation not only slows down my progress, it makes me feel incredibly alone. You don’t need to suffer in silence. Give someone an opportunity to help you. They’ll get to experience the joy and pleasure that comes from being a generous spirit.
  • Embrace your disappointment and begin again. You will always face disappointment when you allow yourself to want more from life. And you can live through it.  As you face disappointment and come out the other side, you’ll develop self-trust – a deep inner knowing that you can handle anything that comes your way.  
  • Speak kindly to yourself.  When you’re feeling discouraged the last thing you need is a critical parent beating you up. Instead, give yourself a gentle, loving reminder that your goals aren’t nearly as important as your relationship to yourself.

So pay attention to how you speak to yourself and the moment you catch yourself being mean to yourself, counteract the negative message with positive, self-accepting words of encouragement.

Does this post speak to you? Do you find it easier to be kind and helpful to others but not yourself? Can you think of ways to be kind yourself this week?