Guest Post: Takin’ it Back

Today’s guest post comes from Jessica, author of the Life with Gertrude blog.

Gertrude is my port. Yep. I named my port. Figured that if it was going to sleep with me, see me naked and have an intimate relationship with me, it needed a name. Diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer at 28 took away everything from me and almost took my life. After laying in a hospital bed for eight weeks and having over 12 pounds of tumors removed from my abdomen, I decided that cancer was just gonna have to do things my way. During chemo, I saw other women falling victims to not only the cancer that engulfed them but to the thoughts and depression that developed as well. I showed up to every single chemo session wearing Chanel mascara, Betsey Johnson pumps and a designer scarf that I scored for five bucks online. I lovingly referred to those scarves as my “hurr” (hair) and I wanted other women to feel empowered about taking the life back that cancer stole. No one will ever hear the words “my cancer” come out of my lips. I bought a new bikini !
and wore it, despite the 14 inch scar down my abdomen. I would have worn one before the cancer, why would things be any different AFTER the cancer? Why show up to my appointments in my dumpy-dumps, looking like hell threw up on me? That is just letting the cancer control things and I’m just too stubborn to let anything other than me control my life.
I started my blog because I wanted people to know that it is okay to laugh at cancer and it is okay to completely disrespect cancer as well. Matter of fact, cancer SHOULD be disrespected. I mean, it didnt’ respect the survivor, now did it?