Friday Round-Up

Welcome to the first round-up of a New Year. So what has the blogosphere been writing about this past week?

Philippa from Feisty Blue Gecko has been writing about that fear of recurrence with every twinge, ache and pain we experience. She captures the fear, the uncertainty and anxiety so well in her latest post, Fear Factor.

Another blogger in the post-treatment phase is Chemobabe and she has been writing this week about that phase of survivorship when treatment is finished, which brings up some many emotional and psychological issues for us.

And then there’s Katie of Uneasy Pink who is also reflecting on the occasion of her 2 year, 4 month check-up.


Take time to check out Jody Schoger’s Top Ten Cancer Stories of 2010 – a very enlightening and informative read.


In A Year Ago Today, Kate has been remembering her grandma who died a year ago this week. It is a beautifully moving post.


Finally, please hold Brenda in your hearts and prayers. Some of you will be familiar with Brenda from her regular comments on the JBBC blog and from her blog Breast Cancer Sisterhood. Brenda lost her beloved husband the day after Christmas and as you can imagine it is a dreadfully hard time for her.