Rosie O’Donnell turns to poetry during her breast cancer scare

Rosie O'Donnell gets the all-clear from cancer. AP Photo

Last week talk show host Rosie O’Donnell was given the all-clear from biopsies performed on her, following the finding of two breast lumps. O’Donnell, 48, whose mother died of breast cancer at 39, says she is particularly vigilant due to her family history.

While awaiting  the results of her tests, Rosie took to writing poetry on her blog:

“another MRI a mammogram and sonogram/in between each/back to the waiting area/my favorite part of the whole thing/silent women in washed out robes/blue, green, occasionally striped/all sullen faced—stoic—numb/not really there at all”

I found that description of stoic women waiting numbly in washed out robes, incredibly moving. It took me right back to the waiting room of the breast clinic when I was waiting to get the results of my own breast biopsy in 2004. The room was crowded with anxious faced women and no one caught each other’s eye. As each woman’s name was called by the nurse, they returned to the room either looking relieved or shocked. I remember walking back through the room in utter shock after I received my diagnosis, passing the still waiting women, thinking this is like a  lottery – who gets to go home with an all clear, who gets to face into months of treatment. It all felt like life’s lottery to me in those moments – as if the finger of fate had come into the room and pointed its finger at me alone. It’s funny the things you remember…

What do you remember of that anxious time spent waiting for your own results?

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