New Life Directions from Breast Cancer

Susan Thomas with her husband Dave

Today’s Guest Blog Post is written by Susan Thomas, an oncology nurse clinician and breast cancer survivor. Thank you Susan for sharing your inspiring story with us.  

I am an oncology nurse clinician and breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in 1992 and elected to have a mastectomy and full course of chemotherapy. It was a strange experience finding myself on the other side of the fence. I had been working with cancer patients my entire career. I quickly discovered the trials experienced with the initial diagnosis and ensuing treatment. My entire family was engaged and we all worked together to get through this period.

As typically experienced I lost my hair and went into menopause during chemotherapy. I wasn’t going to let cancer control me. I used a hypno-therapist to help me through chemotherapy. As a practicing oncology nurse I was trying to figure out what my new normal was going to be. I was bald, had purchased a wig that didn’t fit. I almost lost it at Disney World. Thanks to my daughter’s quick reaction when she put her hand on my wig and it was not lost. I read a quote by Henry Ford “Whether You Think You Can or You Can’t, You’re Right.” So my husband encouraged me to design a hat that will be comfortable and stylish on a bald head. After that my mission and destiny were defined. I have now combined my oncology nursing experience with my breast cancer experience at Susan’s Special Needs to help make this journey a little easier for other women. I certainly never would have known that this experience would have been so fulfilling, provided a new life balance and the opportunity to
meet so many beautiful people.

Please visit Susan’s website to learn more.