Give Me Those Wide Open Spaces

Finding inspiration in the Anza Borrega Desert

The highlight of last week’s visit to San Diego was getting out of the city and driving through California’s, AnzaBorrego Desert State Park.  On all our trips to the US over the years, this was our first time experiencing the majestic vast skies and open spaces of the American west. I was awed and humbled by the experience.

Standing in a field of whispering prairie grass, my thoughts strayed to a much loved TV show of my childhood  – Little House on the Prairie. I identified so much with the spirited, freckled, pig-tailed Laura Ingalls and read all of the Little House books many times over when I was young.

I thought too of other movies and books on the early settlers and the hardships that faced them.  It led me to reflect on how our own journey through life, especially when affected by illness and other troubles can be like a journey through an endless dry desert at times.

And then looking upwards into the vast blue expanse of sky, I thought of  life’s endless possibilities and freedoms. The lyrics of the Dixie Chicks song “Wide Open Spaces” came to mind

Who Doesn’t Know What I’m Talking About
Who’s Never Left Home, Who’s Never Struck Out
To Find A Dream And A Life Of Their Own
A Place In The Clouds, A Foundation Of Stone

I love that song and while the lyrics may seem simple, I am inspired by the sentiments they express – step outside of the known once in a while and do something new; experience those wide open spaces and you never know what new thing may be waiting out there for you.

Many Precede And Many Will Follow
A Young Girl’s Dream No Longer Hollow
It Takes The Shape Of A Place Out West
But What It Holds For Her, She Hasn’t Yet Guessed

I love those wide open spaces and I need to remember they exist in a mind full of limitless possibilities and not just in the American west. So altogether now sing with me….