Are we addicted to suffering?

Isha Judd, Australian spiritual teacher and the author of “Why Walk When You Can Fly?”  has something quite profound to say on the subject of suffering which I would like to share with you today. 

Many of us – from all walks of life and at every level of society– have become addicted to suffering. For some of us there may be a certain comfort in suffering, in being a victim, because we don’t have to take responsibility; it’s much easier to blame someone else for our own discontent. Some of us get lost in the suffering we have been through in the past, unable to embrace things anew or see them through fresh eyes. We then miss out on experiencing the beauty of the present moment. We need to restore our innocence and focus on the love within us and in the world. This requires rising beyond he discontent of the intellect, and embrace freedom and joy in every moment.

Click here for Isha’s advice on how to free ourselves from this addiction and learn to rise above it.