Interview on The Jasmine Show

On Monday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed on The Jasmine Show on Dublin South FM. The topic was surviving breast cancer with an emphasis on what survivors need emotionally and holistically. I met the other two guests, Patricia and Maureen just before the show, and within minutes we were chatting as if we had always known each other.

Patricia is a reflexologist and spoke about the benefits of treatment in lowering our stress levels and boosting the immune system.  Maureen is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer and spoke very movingly about how she feels there are two Maureens – the Maureen before cancer and the Maureen now and how sometimes she doesn’t recognise the woman she is now.  I am sure many of you understand this feeling. I spoke about my involvement with the Irish breast cancer charity Europa Donna Ireland, and my reasons for getting involved. As regular readers know I believe passionately in Lance’s Armstrong’s “obligation of the cured” dictum – this is not just about my breast cancer, it is about all of our cancers, our health, our lives, and we need to advocate for each other and support each other in every way we can.

Presenter Jasmine Oshun facilitated a great discussion during the show and the themes that emerged were the need to have our voices heard, the power of women when they come together to support each other and how important it is to take time to nurture ourselves. I also loved Jasmine’s choice of music particularly India Arie’s Because I am a Queen. The show will be podcast and I will put the link up here on the blog, as I really think it’s well worth listening to.

You can tune into The Jasmine Show each Monday from 1pm-2pm when Jasmine and guests discuss topical issues which effect and impact on womens lives in a postive and informative way.

Patricia Diamond Cleeve, Reflexologist and Stress Management Therapist is a wonderfully warm and experienced therapist and you will find her contact details on her website Tender Touch Treatments.