Reflections on my birthday

Today is my birthday. I am a real birthday person. I love to celebrate each year, not in any big way though; I much prefer the quieter simpler celebrations in life. Some birthdays are more memorable than others and the most memorable of all was the one I spent in 2004 in hospital just after my breast cancer surgery.

My post-surgery drains were still attached, but I was allowed out for the day to celebrate. Billy, my now husband took me to Roly’s Bistro close to the hospital for a birthday lunch. I felt a bit strange with my drains hooked up and hidden under a loose top and I was all swathed and bandaged, but I was back out in the world for the first time, and it felt good. The sun shone and everything looked as if it had been imbued with added colour and life.  I really was looking at everything through fresh eyes and with deep gratitude.

In the six years since that day, I have had many ups and downs. I haven’t always felt grateful for them all, but one thing I have never ceased to be grateful for is friendship. Indeed my gratitude like my friendships have grown and deepened since that time, as new friendships made online (you know who you are!)  have added to my stock of joy and happiness. Your friendship, support and love are the best gift I could ever have, not just on my birthday, but always.