10 Ways to Build Resilience

Image Source: Daily Mail

In psychological terms when we speak of resilience, we refer to the  positive capacity of individuals to deal with stress and adversity. The good news is that resilience is most commonly understood as a process, and not a trait of an individual, so with practise we can all build resilience in ourselves which will help us cope better when the difficult times come.     

A key element in building resilience lies in our ability to learn from the past and also in maintaining flexibility and balance in life. Now take a look at the list below which comes from the American Psychological Association and see how many of these strategies you can incorporate into your life.    

 10 Ways to Build Resilience    

(1) maintaining good relationships with close family members, friends and other    

(2) to avoid seeing crises or stressful events as unbearable problems    

(3) to accept circumstances that cannot be changed    

(4) to develop realistic goals and move towards them    

(5) to take decisive actions in adverse situations    

(6) to look for opportunities of self-discovery after a struggle with loss    

(7) developing self-confidence    

(8) to keep a long-term perspective and consider the stressful event in a broader context    

(9) to maintain a hopeful outlook, expecting good things and visualizing what is wished    

 (10) to take care of one’s mind and body, exercising regularly, paying attention to one’s own needs and feelings and engaging in relaxing activities that one enjoys.