The healing art of photography

I am intrigued  by an article I have been reading today written by Psychologist Judy Weiser, director of the PhotoTherapy Center. “From my work as a psychologist specializing in using photos to help people heal, I believe that we can deepen our relationships and even our self-awareness by looking more carefully at our photographs”, she writes.

My favourite tip of hers is to find your most positive photo—of a beloved person, a treasured place, or yourself looking radiant—and carry it with you. When you’re feeling down, look deeply at the image. Looking at a photo of happier times will put you right back there again, and leave you feeling the same way you did when you first experienced it.

I don’t carry it with me, but the picture above is the first thing I see each day as I boot up my lap-top. It was taken earlier this year in Florida with one of my dear friends, Cathy. It reminds me of the wonderful Sunday we spent together having lunch and hanging out together in the Florida sun. Today as I look out at the rain outside my window and am snuffling and sneezing with a cold, I am transported back to that day filled with sunshine, friendship and love and it brightens my day.

What are some of your favourite photographs that bring back happy memories for you?

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